How Toledo represents last influenza pandemic

“I have somehow always related to the pig, so I chose to work with H1N1 as a theme, an influenza virus that had its first outbreaks in my native Mexico.” Original idea by

Image of the Week: Illuminated mouse neuron

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This stunning image shows a mouse neuron, illuminated by a beam of light. The image comes from Dr Michael Hausser’s lab at UCL, which investigates neural computation and circuitry at the level of the cell in mammalian brains. This image illustrates a new “all-optical” method described in a paper published recently in…

HeLa cell

A HeLa cell, is a cell type in an immortal cell line used in scientific research. The line was derived from cervical cancer cells and It is the oldest and most commonly used human cell line.

The Twisted Trees of Slope Point

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Image credit Slope Point is the southernmost point of the South Island of New Zealand. The area is frequently knocked with strong and chilling winds from Antarctica. Consequently, trees there grow leaning toward the north. The land around Slope Point is used for sheep farming and it remains uninhabited by…

Aschoff bodies

Aschoff bodies are nodules found in the hearts of individuals with rheumatic fever. We present the original described and drawn by Aschoff

Cuándo usar “cálculo” y cuándo usar -lito o lito-

La litiasis es la condición médica caracterizada por la formación de cálculos en alguna de las vías excretoras del organismo. La forma correcta de denominar al sustantivo correspondiente a la piedra o cúmulo de cristales formados es “cálculo”. -lito o lito- es el prefijo o sufijo de palabras compuestas, deriva del griego y significa “piedra”…


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Los clínicos actuales no suelen escribir ni publicar sus observaciones, a menos que pertenezcan al grupo de los llamados “investigadores clínicos”, restringidos por una metodología rigurosa. Si se quiere propiciar no sólo el descubrimiento de nuevos signos clínicos, sino una mayor comunicación entre los médicos, sería preciso abrir…

Wellcome Trust Research Round-Up: 27.10.14

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Our fortnightly round-up of research news from the Wellcome Trust community… Treating diabetes with light-activated drugs A new method of treating type 2 diabetes has been developed by researchers at Imperial College London and LMU Munich. They have adapted currently used drugs so that they can be selectively activated…

Image of the week: ‘ferning’ saliva

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The beautiful branching structure of these crystal formations may remind you of minature ferns. If so, you aren’t alone – our image this week depicts of a phenomenon known as “ferning”!  What you are looking at here is a microscope image of human saliva. The ferning pattern of crystallization is used to identify when…