About CSA

Art is the source of universal expression and translation of human nature. The nature in turn, as particularized form of the universe, is the object of study of science. As art reflects nature, scientific results reflect the feasible nature. The diffusion of science is one of the most important duties and requirements of any institution of higher education, and based on this, the graduate students of the Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas of Instituto Politécnico Nacional, from Mexico, offers the use of the intersection of the Arts and Sciences as a link that allow effective diffusion of biomedical sciences with the fact that science have Biomedical and Artistic transcendence. We propose a reading community that, through the intersection of Art and Science, acquires an interrelated and interdisciplinary knowledge.

1 último vuelo


Photo: “Ultimo vuelo” by the Artist Fortino Vásquez Arellano

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