Sharing Research Data to Improve Public Health

Open access to health information and sharing research data are the strongest points to improve the development of a Country, in addition, these information were paid from Public Health Resources, it should not be possible double payment for access to the Knowledge.

Wellcome Trust Blog

vennAn international workshop recently held in Stellenbosch, South Africa explored the opportunities and challenges for enabling greater access to (and use of) data generated by public health and epidemiological research in Africa. David Carr, Policy Adviser at the Wellcome Trust, describes some of the key themes that emerged from the productive and lively discussions…

Over recent years, there has been a growing consensus that many of the increasingly rich and complex datasets being generated from health research represent a vast untapped resource. Making data more readily available to researchers and other users enables the data to be used in new and innovative ways, helping to maximise the benefits to health, and improving the efficiency of the research enterprise.

Research funders (including the Wellcome Trust) have responded by introducing policies requiring that data generated by their funded research are made available for access and re-use with as few restrictions as…

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