ProMED: An Early Warning System for Emerging Diseases

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promedbanner_7The fast and effective communication of reliable information is vital during outbreaks such as the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Combating infectious disease is one of the Trust’s five focus areas, which is why we are pleased to award five-years of funding to ensure ProMED emails from the International Society of Infectious Disease remain free of charge to users. ProMED Editor Larry Madoff explains the importance of this early-warning system…

This morning I received this e-mail and then searched your archives and found nothing that pertained to it. Does anyone know anything about this problem?

“Have you heard of an epidemic in Guangzhou? An acquaintance of mine from a teacher’s chat room lives there and reports that the hospitals there have been closed and people are dying.”

– from a ProMED report 10th February 2003

If you are a public health professional, odds are you first heard about the newly…

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