Facts not Fear: How do we get the Ebola outbreak under control?

Wellcome Trust Blog

B0009934 Ebola virus structure, illustrationIn the second of our “Facts not Fear” posts we ask the experts at the Wellcome Trust about the way the current Ebola outbreak is affecting people and explore some of the options for getting the epidemic under control.

What effect is the Ebola outbreak having on West Africa?

It is having a devastating impact on the whole of the region, and it’s not limited to those infected with Ebola. Malaria will be worse this year, childbirth facilities and schools are closed, and vaccinations of children are not happening in West Africa as well as they would normally. Economies just starting to recover have been dealt a cruel blow with long term consequences and trust will have been eroded between communities and authorities.

These issues are concerning, but we have to have a calm, sensible approach and not panic. We can deal with these issues as long as we retain…

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